Toe In The Water


Registered charity number  1143013

What is the Charity 'Toe In The Water'?

'Toe in the Water' uses competitive sailing to re-inspire profoundly and traumatically injured servicemen and women helping them to see beyond their injuries, and perform to their limits regardless of physical condition.

Racing with and against able bodied crew members, they quickly form part of a team, and recognise the immediate challenge of competing in such a fast paced environment as one unit. This requires a chain of command, defined roles, uniform, discipline, reliability and competitiveness which of course emulates the regime which has been drilled into as soldiers, sailors and airmen. This commonality is familiar to them, it is structured, and it works.


    "The competitiveness and team spirit.... they're things you forget when you get injured, but before you know it when the other boats are all around you at the start line, fighting for the best position, it all comes flooding back and all you want to do is win..."

[S.Sgt Chris Pacey]


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