Early Years

The first meeting of the Lodge after the Consecration was an Emergency meeting and held at the Masonic Hull, Bexlcyheath, on Saturday February 10, 1945. Twenty-one Founders and 14 visitors were in attendance to witness the Initiation of Mr. Ronald Pearson Dunwoodie. (A footnote on the summons read: "Owing to the uncertainty of the Candidate's movements due to service at sea the Worshipful Master proposes to use his prerogative under Rule 160 B. of C") He was the second Candidate to be proposed at the Consecration and a Marine Engineer with the Blue Star Line - and we were still at war!

So we come to the first Regular meeting of the Lodge on March 14, 1945 when Mr. Arthur William Bragg, the first Candidate to be proposed at the Consecration, was Initiated. Our first Joining Member, Bro. Ralph Fergus Linklater, was warmly welcomed into the Lodge.

A report on the By-Laws was also discussed. A Proposition by Bro. S. G. Russell, Senior Deacon, seconded by Bro. G. F. Baker, Senior Warden, that all the Consecrating Officers be elected Honorary Members was carried with acclamation!

(Four days earlier on March 20 the Lodge Committee had discussed the By-Laws and some alterations made to the original wording. It was then proposed and seconded and carried unanimously that they be recommended to the Lodge. It was also proposed and seconded and carried that in response to a request from the Province, W. Bro. S. A. Jenkins, P.P.S.G.D., be appointed to act as liaison for the 1950 Festival.)

The second Regular meeting saw the ceremony of Passing on Bro. A. W. Bragg and the Initiation of Dr. Charles Morgan. A Notice of Motion having previously been given, the proposition to sanction the Lodge ol'Instruction was unanimously carried. Bro. W. E. Wicks, the Treasurer, gave Notice of Motion that a Lodge Benevolent Association should be formed. W. Bro. W. Noble, O.B.E., R.A.F.Regt., P.G.D. and W. Bro. H. C. Ward, Worshipful Master of Gavelkind Lodge No. 4266, were proposed as Honorary Members of the Lodge.

Due to the Bexleyheath Masonic Hall not being available on our stated day, the third Regular meeting was held there on June 23, 1945 - the first meeting in peacetime. It was also the first time that three Degrees were worked on one afternoon.

The attendance was 23 members and 15 visitors.

The Degrees were worked by W. Bro. A. J. Mills - Raising, W. Bro. P. E. Newble - Passing and the Initiation by the Worshipful Master W. Bro. M. D. H. Garrett. The Charge after Initiation was delivered by Bro. G. J. Lay, who received the congratulations of the Worshipful Master on having been elected Worshipful Master of Bcxleyheath Lodge No. 4918.

On July 25 another Emergency meeting was held to Pass Bro. R. P. Dunwoodie, which was carried out bv W. Bro. A. J. Mills.

The fourth Regular meeting was held on September 22, 1945 at which ballots for three Initiates and one Joining member were taken, all of which proved unanimous in their favour.

In addition a Ceremony of Raising, an Initiation, the election of next Worshipful Master, Treasurer, Tyler, members of the Lodge Committee and the Audit Committee! At this meeting also Rt.Worshipful Brother Colonel Sir John Laurie, P.G.W., late Lord Mayor of London, presented Lodge Furniture made by Bro. G. 0. Adams from wood from the Guildhall, London, which had been damaged by enemy action, and recalled scenes during the evening attack on the City in 1940. He also congratulated the Lodge on receiving gifts from its members and others:

Volume of the Sacred Law from W. Bro. K. B. and Bro. R. M. Jones.

Embroidered Cushion from Bro. H. Lein.

Working Tools from Bro. F. W. Butler, S. G. Russell and H. Lein.

Wands presented by Bro. F. W. Butler

Tracing Boards and Candidates Clothing Bro. G. J. Lay.

Alms Box, made from wood from Canterbury Cathedral, Bro. W. E. Wicks

Reading Desk, made from wood from House of Commons, W. Bro. M. D. H. Garrett

Tyler's Sword (worn by and presented by) W. Bro. E. S. Downes, L.G.R. Poinard, German dagger "captured" during War from Bro. W. J. Vennils, Tyler Worshipful Master's and Wardens' Collars and Jewels, W. Bro. H. C. Ward, Hon. Member Rough Ashlar, stone from Coventry Cathedral from Dean and Chapter of Cathedral Perfect Ashlar, stone from House of Commons W. Bro. M. D. H. Garrett